Error on Create Internet Site Collection

Sep 15, 2009 at 4:55 PM

Hi all!, I'am installing the latest release (Feb 13 2009 ) and an error occurs in the section "Create Internet Site Collection"
with a general message "An unexpected error has ocurred while executing the installation module", the summary show the
next message:

Intranet Site Collection creation initiated
Intranet Site Collection creation started
   arguments: http://localhost:2323 "Citizen Service Platform Internet" ACCENDOLAB\administrator
   "Here you will find all the needed components to interact with your city"
System.ApplicationException: File or arguments not valid for site template 'CSPINTERNETCONTAINER'.
at CSP.Package.Controls.CreateInternetSiteCollection.Next()
CSP installation ends

My environment:
- Windows Server 2003 SP2
- MOSS 2007 SP2 (Spanish)
- CRM 4.0
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005

There is a problem if I install csp in the Spanish version of sharepoint?, i cannot understand what is the problem, any suggestions?

Sep 15, 2009 at 5:13 PM

Hello Martin,

yes, the problem is related to the fact that you are installing over MOSS 2007 Spanish. One of the main pieces of a Site Definition (CSPINTERNETCONTAINER is one of them) is the webtemp file. This webtemp file is located in a locale dependant folder so, if you try to create a Site Collection using spanish language the system is going to look for a file into a folder with name 3082. The bits you are downloading here have been built only for english language (folder 1033). If you need to build something using a spanish installation of MOSS you may need to take a look at the localisation guide (also in the downloads section).

Best regards,
David Martos