Source build issue

Oct 16, 2009 at 12:18 PM


I've downloaded the latest source and have had issues with the solution:

1. 2 projects are no longer in the location the solution expects them to be:
          * CSP.CRMConnector.Installer
          * CSP.Solution
   Both of these projects are now in the csp.en-US folder.

2. The project CSP.SimpleCMS.ConfigFileUploader is entirely missing from the source as far as i can see (what does this project do? Is it required?)

3. post and pre build events do not work because of the first issue above (projects have moved) and also do not work if the solution is sitting on path which contains spaces on the drive.

4. I'm still working through but I don't seem to currently be able to build a new .wsp - how is it supposed to work?



Oct 17, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Hello Adam,

if you look under the CSP.en-US folder you will find a Visual Studio solution file called csp.en-US.sln. This is the file you must open in order to make a new build of CSP using the english language. If you need to localize the solution into a new language you will need to refer to the localisation documentation. The solution you are opening into the root folder is there for compatibility purposes and can't be used to generate new csp builds as they woudn't be related to any language.

I hope that helps you but, if you keep on having problems, do not hesitate to post a new comment on this thread.

David Martos